What’s the best digital marketing strategy in 2020?

digital marketing strategy

It might seem difficult to find the best digital marketing strategy for your business with the huge amount of options that are available. Digital marketing takes a departure from traditional advertising media such as TV ads that often disrupt the wrong audience with irrelevant campaigns. People hate it when you bombard them with the information they don’t need, and that can be detrimental to your brand reputation. 

On the other hand, investing money in a marketing campaign that ends up reaching disinterested audiences isn’t a smart investment option. Digital marketing ensures that you only spend money on campaigns that target people who are actually interested in whatever you have to say or sell.

What is the best digital marketing strategy this year?

For me the best digital marketing strategy tool is to use and optimise your social media. Users are constantly on social media, whether they have their first coffee in the morning or wait for the bus or train. 

Facebook gives users the freedom to control the content they consume and to dictate their tastes and preferences. 

There were around 1.7 billion daily users in the first quarter of 2020 on Facebook alone. It would be unwise not to use this platform for your marketing and target your local and non-local potential customers.

Social media advertising should account for over 60% of your entire online marketing strategy if you are to increase your brand’s and products’ exposure.

Social media users are increasing by the day, including in the continents that lag behind in regards to tech adoption. Even if someone doesn’t need your products or services today, he/she might need it tomorrow. Potential customers often go for the products they’ve seen, engaged, and familiarized with on social media. If you cannot appeal to them, your competitors will. Therefore, you need to leverage social media to build your brand identity and hence establish an effective social marketing strategy.

How do you attract those people to your business?

First, you need to create and post engaging content.

It is important to post content that is engaging, educates the reader and brings value to your audience. This will enhance your brand and create brand awareness and brand loyalty.

But this is not all.

It is not only important to create and post content, but you should engage with your customers. Do you respond to comments, messages and to reviews? If not, then you should start doing this now. Social media is a two way street and we have to acknowledge the time and effort our readers make when commenting on one of our posts. This shows the customer that their opinions are valued and that you as a business provides the best service possible.

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days. Statistics show that Millennials spend an average of 6 hours on the internet every day, and this trend is only going to grow. Businesses who have invested sufficiently in digital marketing have seen their brands grow exponentially, whereas those that haven’t are still struggling to find their footing in the current marketing dispensation.

The internet overshadows mainstream media and traditional marketing in a big way. Your chances of generating reach and visibility are almost guaranteed with internet marketing. 

We therefore suggest to increase your reach with target ad campaigns.

Facebook ads are at an all-time low. This makes right now a perfect time to test out social media ads. In order to be successful with social media advertising, use platforms like Facebook Business Manager. Facebook Business Manager is a free platform that provides many targeting options, especially on a localised level. 

Your potential customers are online and so should be your products. You interact with customers freely and they engage with your products right away. Everything happens on the same platform, so you are able to sell your products faster. You are also able to tell whether or not a particular digital marketing approach is working within a month of using it, unlike traditional marketing strategies that limit your chances of assessing their output.


We have established that online marketing is king when it comes to boosting your visibility, both online and offline. This digital marketing strategy is a powerful tool to use when you want to reach your targeted demographics and to relay personalised ads to every demographic. Clearly, your business needs a little boost from online marketing if it is to get any meaningful relevance in the highly competitive global market. Do you need help with your next social media campaign, then read more about our services.

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