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Web Design. We create your web presence

A website is the face of your business on the internet. You want to make sure that this face shines. And that’s what we’re here for. We give your site the necessary facelift, equip it with the latest in internet marketing, make it multimedia, customer-friendly, but above all, beautiful to the eye.

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How Web Design can help your business.

When you talk about good web design, it’s not just about aesthetics. Good web design is not only beautiful, but also functional and technically flawless. Your website is a very important part of your marketing efforts.

The website should be the main tool to attract customers and present your brand online. Therefore, you should pay more attention to your website.

As a full-service agency, we offer online advertising to medium-sized companies and multinational corporations in Germany and Europe. Our attention and focus is on web design and SEO.

With a professional website, you make a good first impression on your visitors and potential customers. However, it is not only about the first impression, but also about a clear structure and a professional presentation, such as the choice of colours, font size, contact forms and your photos.

For many years, we have been creating websites for various industries, such as the insurance company Bavaria AG, the financing company Yacht-Finanz and management consultants KJK GmbH, which not only delight customers but are also true sales machines. Our process is simple and straightforward:

  • You tell us your wishes and ideas.
  • We discuss an initial, joint concept.
  • We now realise your homepage step by step according to your specifications.
  • At regular intervals, we show you how your pages are developing. As a team we discuss the results and you are “on board” until the last minute of development.
  • When you decide that the optimal result has been achieved, we switch your new homepage “live”.
  • Changes, adjustments, questions? Gladly! Also possible at any time after completion of the project.

If you have any questions on this topic, please contact us for a non-binding consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Choose our additional marketing options to give your business an edge over your competitors:

Web Design trends don’t appear out of nowhere.

They come in response to the actual needs that web users have at a given time. Those needs can address anything from making the exploring the web more useful, more enjoyable, or more comfortable.

When the world outside is undergoing changes that can make everyday life more difficult or less predictable, people look for stability and balance. That is what our world looks like at the moment, and the desire for a greater sense of stability and calmness is what we see reflected in web design trends nowadays.

Most commercial web designs address three basic objectives: attracting visitors, engaging them with the content, and getting them to convert. Engaging visitors involves getting and holding their attention, and there are right and wrong ways to go about it.

One very good way is to make key elements look interactive — like making a button look like it’s begging to be clicked, instead of looking like any other flat object on a flat surface; or like making a design element change or animate when a visitor hovers over it.

We design our clients’ websites with the latest web design trends, and help them capture the attention of consumers looking for cutting-edge brands. Check out the re-design for Communicate Video Productions. They help their clients build brands, tell stories, and instruct and educate their audiences through the most compelling online medium there is – digital video production. They are a full-service video and animation agency and we are very happy to have them as one of our clients.