Increase your sales by increasing your SEO

Our Search Engine Optimisation – SEO strategies combine technical optimisation and content optimisation.

Man explaining Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of optimising a website, an online shop or a blog to increase its visibility on search engines (Google, Bing…). SEO optimisation takes into account all the components of the business and technological environment of the site in question.

It consists of improving and highlighting the content in the eyes of search engines to make it easily accessible, identifiable and indexable. Search engines will then navigate the site links using robots, also called spiders or crawlers, which are driven by a positioning algorithm.

With this analysis, we will determine the future positioning of the site within the search engine pages.

You need a website that is fast, technically flawless and has high-quality content. It needs to be supported by a brand that offers high-quality products and services and ensures that you have a different strategy for different platforms, e.g. Voice Search. Learn more about SEO with our SEO Beginners Guide.

Do you want to be #1 on Google?

To ensure that we deliver the best solution for your needs and that we meet your business goals, we work closely together with you.

This will help us understand your business needs and other requirements that you might have. This is why we start with an audit of your site and then we will be able to create the best strategy for you and your brand.

Why choose us for your Search Engine Optimisation?

Finding the right SEO agency can be time-consuming and challenging. We want to ensure that you make the right choice before you start working with us. While we can’t promise that our clients will get onto the first page of Google, we regularly do, sometimes within weeks. Don’t take our word for it, let our work do the talking. There isn’t a marketing problem you might have that we can’t solve for you. If you would like to work with us to improve your Search Engine Optimisation score then don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Our SEO consultants help companies and professionals, providing visibility and notoriety. We perform SEO audits to see the state of the website which needs improvements.

Once the SEO On Page problems have been solved (they consist of improving the architecture, editorial content, keyword research, internal links, semantic structure…) and SEO Off Page (everything related to the external part of the website, which is called link building. We analyse that the links are optimal and that there are no negative links that damage the results in search engines).

All this involves advice, recommendations and support in the implementation of the SEO strategy, monitoring performance and ROI. Once all the SEO optimisations have been carried out, the job of our SEO expert is to analyse the results in terms of traffic, positioning and the potential increase in conversions and turnover.