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Expert PPC services and management

Maximise the potential of your brand with an intuitive PPC services (pay-per-click) and advertising.

Why you should choose our PPC services?

Why you should choose our PPC services?

Get results from your SEM!

We are specialists in providing small to medium businesses with PPC services and Social Media Management services. For 5+ years, we have delivered PPC results to clients across 10 different industries.

When you work with us you’re with an agency that delivers results and is certified by the world’s biggest search engine and social media platform.

We cover every ad network you want to be on. Want to test new opportunities? Don’t hesitate to ask us! LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and more.

We pride ourselves on delivering for each and every client and our team is consistently striving to improve their expertise in all areas of digital marketing – this is why Google recognizes us as one of their Premier Partners and Facebook as a Marketing Partner.

As a part of our PPC plans for SEM services, you’ll receive:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Proactive bid management
  • Phone, lead, and revenue tracking
  • Regular reporting (weekly or monthly)
  • Custom PPC strategy
  • Ad campaign copywriting and performance testing in several languages
  • Ongoing keyword development
  • And more


Send leads to a professionally designed landing page.


Every page is A/B tested to maximise your conversion rates.


View live campaign results & receive regular updates.


You stay in control with both fixed price or percentage payment plans.

Are you new to Google Ads?

Our search engine marketing services are affordable, keeping your ROI as high as possible to ensure you get the most value out of our managed SEM marketing services.

We feel it is important that new adopters of Google Ads have an understanding of audience engagement across devices and advertising channels.

People are more connected than ever, with increased access across devices, especially smartphones. The Internet plays a key role in the consumer journey for many product categories. As a result, an integrated marketing strategy is critical for marketers and planners.

The Google Search Network is a group of search-related websites and apps where your ads can appear. When you advertise on the Google Search Network, your ad can show near search results when someone searches with terms related to one of your keywords.

When considering the Google Search Network, we must ensure any campaign is targeted to the specific market area e.g. the United Kingdom. This will ensure your campaign will help capture a large percentage of this interest and our A-B testing will ensure not only is the campaign always developing but that we maximize the results.

PPC Services
PPC Services

The different Google advertising channels:

Display Network:

The display network is a fantastic platform for building brand awareness and Remarketing is a particularly valuable tool within this area.

Remarketing gets great results by placing visual ads/reminders on relevant sites. You have the ability to promote your services to a greater market with the ability to track and keep marketing to earlier visitors. The budget has a cost per impression or click format so you can set the campaign on your preferred KPI.

Google Shopping:

The Google shopping platform is a marketplace for businesses of all size to compete on an even playing field. As a young platform, there is a huge amount of value to be had. With the average cost-per-click of 30% less than Google Ads the budget and profit margins will be higher. Coupled with this, by having a visual representation of the product, the click-through rate is higher than other marketing options.
The decision on which avenue to pursue is down to the market, the drive for the business, and what will generate the best results.

We typically recommend a soft launch over a quarter to bed in ads and see what is working and what is not in order to optimize the campaign to the level where we see a stable cost per acquisition figure.
When we have this pinned down and within the margins of profitability we can slowly and confidently start to increase the budget safe in the knowledge the spend is delivering a working ROI.


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