Marketing consulting sessions

Marketing consulting for businesses, start-ups and SEM’s.

Discover our Marketing Consulting services:

Strategy and analysis

Get the most out of customer data across all channels and throughout your customer lifecycles. Using testing, machine learning algorithms, prioritisation, and predictive analytics, our strategists and data scientists can help you quickly generate actionable insights and deploy more personalised and targeted marketing campaigns. We’ll stay and monitor performance for as long as you need.

Website optimisation

Our experts will use real-time technology to ensure that no matter how visitors arrive – via email, search or social media – they get a seamless and personalised customer experience. With advanced website testing, real-time behavioural targeting, in-session personalisation, and product recommendations across your mobile and social apps, the possibilities are limitless.

Personal assistance services

From automated campaigns to data optimisation, we’ll give you the insights and oversight you need to ensure your campaigns stay compliant, optimised, and engaging over time. Nurture leads, win back sales, offer timely help, and much more. We’ll grow your list and generate demand, help you get the numbers you need to make informed decisions, and train you to get the most out of it.

It is NOW the best time for your business to rely on SEM and social media marketing to meet current and future demand. This will bring opportunities for your business to market and reach the minds of new and existing customers.

With situations changing rapidly, there is no one solution for how businesses should market their services and communicate with their customers. To help you with custom ideas and opportunities for your unique situation, we’re offering 1 hour of Free consulting sessions per company to discuss how you can pivot your marketing during and after this unprecedented time.

We are ready to put our company’s digital marketing experience to work for you and to help you navigate important customer-facing communication.

You may have questions like:

  • How can I stay relevant during this time?
  • Does it make sense to advertise right now?
  • What forms of free marketing can I be doing?
  • Is advertising less expensive right now?
  • What are my competitors doing?

How our marketing consulting session works:

Free Marketing Consulting Sessions
  • Fill out the form below and you’ll be matched with one of our consultants who will reach out within 1 business day.
  • Tell us about your business and current situation.
  • We’ll spend 30 minutes researching your business, looking for best practices in your industry and identifying opportunities for you appropriate to the current climate.
  • You’ll have a 30 minute phone call with a consultant to learn what we found in our research and ask any questions. We’ll also discuss how to balance marketing for “now” versus being ready for when life is back to “normal” again.

Do you know we have a group for entrepreneurs and business owners?

This group is for us to discuss our issues with our day to day life and impacts of circumstances of challenges on our business. Join us and let’s see how we can help each other! We want to help entrepreneurs and business owners grow through community.

#StrongerTogether is a place for you to rant, ask questions, learn from others and join our group calls and free webinars. Interaction is key to success so please make every effort to comment and like on new posts.

In times of crisis businesses and companies need each other. The group is formed to support each other in times of Covid-19 outbreak. Even at the low-end of estimations, mutual aid will be essential for many, but most of all, the vulnerable in our society. We will be looking to help businesses access to information on how to keep the business alive and thriving and get through this. Remember that we are #strongertogether.

Please share with people looking to help each other out during the Covid-19 virus pandemic. We also encourage you to invite people from other areas as this should become a place for everyone that needs help and support.

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