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Working with a digital marketing agency has many advantages. You can hire someone to assist you with a specific aspect of digital marketing or you can hire someone to handle everything. Check out some of the advantages of working with Dealers League and why you should hire us! 

Why should you work with a marketing agency?

Working with a digital marketing firm can provide you with a diverse range of expertise under one contract without having to hire for every position in-house. 

Digital marketing agencies aren’t all the same. Some firms, such as Dealers League, provide a wide range of services under one roof, while others may only specialise in content creation, SEO, paid advertising, or social media marketing

Choose the option that best suits your requirements. If you want someone to handle all your social media accounts, you might want to consider a firm that exclusively handles social media. 

Integrated marketing with a focus on driving results and helping you achieve your business objectives is more likely to be a successful approach if you’re looking for a multi-pronged approach to marketing.

Working with a digital marketing agency saves you money!

Full-service digital agencies’ overhead expenses are frequently lower than those of an in-house team if you compare working with an agency to working with an in-house team. 

To satisfy all the demands of a well-balanced marketing strategy, you must hire an entire in-house workforce, which includes payroll, benefits, in-house training, equipment purchases, and more. Of course, this is dependent on your individual situation, budget, and business goals. 

Working with an agency that has a dedicated person to coordinate with as a result of their deeper knowledge and understanding of the company and business objectives may deliver the most effective results. 

It’s common nowadays for marketing professionals to switch jobs every two to three years. Working with an agency can help you avoid the hassle of frequent turnover. Every minute spent on training, hiring, potential recruiter fees, interviewing, and more can add up to big losses for a company. 

With a digital marketing agency, you may scale up or down as your needs change. For example, at Dealers League, our marketing retainers are month-to-month—if you have a seasonal business, you may scale down during your off-season by engaging at a higher level during your peak season. You may also need extra support on certain internal roles while you look for a full-time hire, or you may need to scale up to provide additional support. 

Be sure to ask whether an agency’s contract terms fit your needs. 

Benefits of choosing to work with a digital marketing agency include:

  1. Even if your team is excellent, they might not be able to cover everything for you, and working with an external firm can assist fill those expertise gaps. For example, we support one of our clients, who has an incredible social media specialist on staff. Instead of competing with her, we emphasise design and advertising efforts to augment her social media activity. It’s a win-win! 
  2. We’re experienced in handling a wide range of organisations’ advertising campaigns every day. These experiences, both positive and negative, can guide you in developing more effective strategies and tactics. 
  3. Of course, agencies are expensive, but hiring an internal team would be even more costly. Digital strategists, SEO experts, PPC managers, social media managers, content writers, designers, and overall growth hackers are just some of the skills Dealers League provides. We bring a lot of firepower to the table at a fraction of the cost. Consider our prices in contrast to hiring an internal team. 

Tailored services for your needs

Your digital strategist will tailor your campaign to your audience by learning about your company and its values. An SEO specialist will identify your industry and target the right consumers by studying your business. Designers and copywriters will help create compelling visuals and copy to bring your campaign to life. If your website requires coding to assist your campaign, a developer will provide assistance. Working with us as your digital marketing company will allow you to employ all of these experts to help promote your business. 

Working under one “roof,” these people will collaborate to ensure your company’s continued success. 


  • You Get More Dedicated Experts to Work For You.
  • You Can Profit From Years of Experience.
  • You Can Make Your Marketing More Efficient.
  • You Have Access to More Tools and Resources.
  • You Can Save Thousands of Euros.

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