Latest Search Engine Updates

Let’s Discuss the Latest Search Engine Updates and Their Impact on SEO Strategies

Search engines like Google and Bing frequently update their features and algorithms. For SEO professionals and marketers, staying informed about these changes is crucial to optimise strategies and ensure online visibility. This article provides a detailed overview of the latest search engine updates from Google and Bing, alongside insights into the implications for SEO practices.

John Mueller of Google has reiterated the company’s stance on link spam, specifically links leading to 404 error pages. During a recent forum discussion, Mueller confirmed that such links are disregarded by Google’s algorithms and advised SEO professionals to focus on more impactful SEO strategies rather than disavowing spammy links. This advice aligns with Google’s ongoing efforts to simplify SEO practices and focus on meaningful content quality.

2. Google’s Crackdown on Parasite SEO

In a significant update, Google has taken further steps to combat “Parasite SEO”—a tactic involving the misuse of another site’s authority to rank higher. Gary Illyes announced at the SERP Conference that the latest algorithm update targets this deceptive practice, emphasising Google’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of search results.

3. Developments in Microsoft’s Bing Search

Bing has been experimenting with the placement of the HTTPS lock icon in search results snippets, moving it from the left of the URL to the right. Although a minor change, this test reflects Bing’s ongoing tweaks to user interface design, potentially influencing user trust and perception of site security. This adjustment was highlighted by Shameem Adhikarath in a recent post, showcasing Bing’s subtle yet continuous improvements.

4. Microsoft’s Executive Changes and AI Strategy

The tech giant has seen notable shifts in its leadership, especially with Mustafa Suleyman stepping in as the CEO of AI at Microsoft, and Mikhail Parakhin’s subsequent departure from his roles at Bing Search and Microsoft Advertising. Parakhin’s recent comments on social media platforms provide insights into Microsoft’s strategic adjustments and its focus on integrating AI more deeply into its services.

5. Google’s Approach to Crawl Budget Optimisation

Google has clarified that its crawl budget— the frequency and number of pages Googlebot crawls—is considered across all its services, not just web search. This holistic approach ensures that all content related to Google’s products, from Merchant Center to ads, is effectively indexed without overwhelming site resources.

6. Enhancements to Google Business Profiles

Google Business Profiles has introduced a new feature allowing business owners to select their preferred source for displaying menus. This update is particularly beneficial for restaurant owners who wish to maintain consistency and accuracy in how their offerings are presented online, whether through their own websites or third-party platforms.


Keeping up with search engine updates is essential for SEO professionals aiming to secure high rankings and enhance online visibility. By understanding and adapting to these changes, marketers can more effectively tailor their strategies to meet the evolving standards of Google and Bing. As search technology continues to advance, staying informed and agile will be key to digital marketing success.

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