How to find your Google Place ID

How to find your Google Place ID?

I recently spoke with a client about their local SEO and we thought that it might be a great idea to add their Google Reviews to their new website.

He mentioned to me that he couldn’t find his Google Place ID. Usually you search for your business on Google’s Place ID Finder, and there you can find your Google Place ID.

But sometimes your business doesn’t show up. This can have several reasons and we won’t mention that the finder isn’t doing a great job.

It could be that your business is not verified or you haven’t listed it as a business, but as a brand.

It seems to be that this is a pretty common problem, yet hardly anyone ever addresses it. There are a few discussions about this online and on Google Business Profile Help. But nobody gives an answer on how to find the ID.

This will now change and we explain how to find your place ID number even if it doesn’t show up in the Place ID Finder.

The standard way to find your Google Places ID, as mentioned before, is to go to and search for your company name. 

Sometimes your company won’t show up in the search above.  Whether it’s a problem with Google’s database, or something else is hard to say.  This can all be very tiring and frustrating, as all you want is to show your reviews on your website.

I took our business as I already knew the ID for it, and checked the source code to see if the ID existed anywhere in the Google Search Results page.

This is a great little trick if you can’t find your Place ID with the standard method.  If you follow the instructions, you should have your Place ID in no time.

What is an easy way to find your Google Place ID?

1.  Search for your business on Google.

2. Inspect the “Write a Review” button.  To do this, right-click and choose “Inspect“.

3. Find “data-pid” . If you use a Mac use shortcut isCommand + F and on PC you can use Ctrl+F.

4. Copy the characters within the quotes.

You now have your Google Place ID.  Paste this somewhere so that you can easily find it later when you need it.

How can you use your Google Place ID?

With your Google Places ID, you can make links to your Google reviews.

If you want to link directly to your Google Reviews, paste your Google Places ID at the end of the following URL…

Here’s an example of how it should look….

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