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Ah, the world of marketing—always in flux, always keeping us on our toes! While today’s hot tactic might be tomorrow’s old news, there are some strategies that stand the test of time like classic rock hits. So, where did we go to find these timeless marketing anthems? Reddit, of course! It’s the buzzing forum where marketing pros and passionate newbies alike spill the tea on what really works. So buckle up, because we’re about to dive into Reddit’s most upvoted and debated marketing tactics, and break down why they’re worth your attention.

Growth Strategies

1. Focus on Customers and Feedback First

Reddit users emphasize the importance of customer acquisition and feedback over any other marketing advice when you’re starting out. The idea is simple: a great product with a strong customer base will naturally lead to growth.

2. Leverage Other People’s Audiences

In the short term, it’s beneficial to tap into existing audiences through collaborations or guest posts. In the long term, however, building your own audience should be the goal.

3. Exploit the Power of Exponents

The internet operates on exponential curves. Whether it’s Google rankings or social shares, the top-performing content gets disproportionately more attention. Reddit users suggest that your marketing should aim to capitalize on this phenomenon.

Channel-Specific Tactics

4. Master SEO

According to Reddit, 80% of SEO boils down to keywords, user metrics, and backlinks. Google aims to show content that is relevant, useful, and trustworthy, and your SEO strategy should align with these goals.

5. Email Marketing

Email is the only audience you truly own, according to Reddit users. While social media platforms are great for exposure, email lists offer a more direct and personal way to engage with your audience.

Brand and Positioning

6. Build a Trustable Brand

Long-term success in marketing is often tied to brand trust. Social proof, such as reviews and testimonials, can serve as a shortcut to earning this trust.

7. Be Memorably Different

Your brand should aim to be unique rather than just the best. Differentiation helps you escape competition and makes your brand memorable.

Content Marketing

8. Repurpose Existing Content

Reddit users suggest that you’ve likely already created your next social media post in some form. Repurposing content allows you to post more without necessarily creating more.

9. Deliver Value Where Your Audience Is

If your audience is on Twitter, deliver value there. The platform itself should not be a barrier to delivering value.


10. Authenticity Over Hacks

While aggressive CTAs and headline formulas may work for some, Reddit users argue that authenticity often trumps these “hacks.” Authentic messaging resonates more deeply with audiences.

Other Effective Strategies

11. Lead Capture + Email

Capturing leads through email sign-ups and nurturing them through email campaigns is cited as one of the most effective strategies.

12. Community Involvement

For businesses like restaurants, community involvement can lead to a strong base of regular customers.

13. Video Content

Product demos and user interviews in video format have proven to be highly effective in conversions.

14. Targeting Spanish Speakers in the USA

This specific audience has shown to have a better Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) in various niches.

15. Inbound Marketing

The attract, engage, and delight model of inbound marketing is highly recommended for generating leads and conversions.

16. Paid Social Media Advertising

For quick and targeted reach, paid social media advertising is considered highly effective.


So, to wrap it all up, think of Reddit as a treasure trove of marketing wisdom and our blog as your trusty map to navigate it. While not every strategy you find will fit your unique business landscape, you’re guaranteed to unearth some golden nuggets that can elevate your marketing game. Between the collective wisdom on Reddit and the actionable insights on our blog, you’ve got a pretty solid toolkit to tackle just about any marketing challenge that comes your way. Happy strategising!

About the author: Michael Masa

Why should you listen to me? With a rich marketing background and a passion for sharing knowledge, I have dedicated the last 9 years of my life to the field. I have worked as Marketing Director and have been instrumental in shaping the marketing strategy of one of Europe’s leading insurers, BAVARIA AG.

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