What is IndexNow and how does it work?

IndexNow is a simple way to notify search engines that a URL and its content have been added, updated, or deleted. This enables search engines to quickly reflect these changes in their search results which will result in overall more efficient crawling.

How does it work and how to use it?

You must prove ownership of the host for which URLs are being submitted by hosting at least one text file within the host. You must do this before you start submitting URLs.

Once you submit your URLs to search engines, search engines will then crawl the key file to verify ownership and use the key until you change it. Keep in mind that only you and the search engines should know the key and the location of your file key.

Where do I get the API Key?

Check the following link to generate your API Key:

How do I authenticate with the API?

You must host a UTF-8 encoded text key file {your-key}.txt listing the key in the file at the root directory of your website.

For example at and this file must contain the key 87ee692678e54f28a2f0db003d36f2636.

How do I submit URLs for submission?

To submit a single URL using an HTTP request (replace with the URL provided by the search engine), send your request to the following URL:


The ‘url-changed’ is the URL of your website which has been added, updated, or deleted. You can issue the HTTP request using your browser. A HTTP 200 response code indicates that the search engine has received your URL.

What happens after submitting the URLs for indexation?

IndexNow protocol will update search engines to crawl the updated or new URLs, and you can monitor the indexation and ranking performance via the common tools. There is no method of notification once a URL has been submitted, apart from the response code you receive upon submission.

What are the benefits of using the IndexNow API?

With IndexNow API, you can expect:

  • Faster Submission to Indexation
  • As a result, better organic performance

The IndexNow protocol is especially useful for websites, whose pages update frequently.

IndexNow PlugIn for WordPress

When adding the WordPress IndexNow plugin you enable automated submission of URLs from WordPress sites to the multiple search engines without the need to register and verify your site with them.

Once installed, the plugin will automatically generate and host the API key on your site, speeding up the process of setting up and submitting URLs significantly. This plug-in is a must-have for you if you want to significantly speed up SEO results in relation to content discoverability.

Get the plugin from Microsoft Bing here:

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