Google Algorithm

Have you ever wanted to have a list of Google algorithm updates to see if there were any changes in your rankings on those particular days?

That’s very easy to do and you can even use this Google sheet to import this data into Google Data Studio:

Importing Google algorithm updates from Google Search Central

You can get your algorithm updates from any source (or supplement them with your own data), but in this case we’re borrowing the data from Google Search Central.

Formula for Google Sheets

We create the list in Google Sheets and use the IMPORTXML() formula to transfer the update data directly.

  • Open Google Sheets
  • Give the new document a name. We call it “Google Algorithm Updates”.
  • Paste the formula below into the cell you want.
  • If you now insert this into a new table, the data will be pulled down.
  • Finally, you have to select all the values and format the numbers to “Date”.
  • Now you have the list of times when a Google algorithm update has taken place.

Here is the formula with XPATH to speed things up:


Remember that this procedure is used to grab Google algorithm data from a specific page.

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