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Important Update for Google Business Profile Users: Time to Transition Your Website!

All businesses must stay ahead of all the changes that are happening constantly to ensure their online presence remains strong and effective. A significant update from Google is set to impact many businesses relying on Google Business Profiles for their websites. In March, websites created using Google Business Profiles will no longer be available, prompting an urgent need for businesses to seek alternative solutions to maintain their web presence.

What’s Changing?

Google has announced a pivotal shift: starting in March, websites built through Google Business Profiles will be deactivated. Should customers attempt to visit these websites post-deactivation, they will be redirected to the Business Profile on Google until June 10. Beyond this date, a “page not found” error will greet visitors, making it crucial for businesses to act fast to ensure continuity.

Why This Matters

For businesses aiming to keep their website operational, this change necessitates the creation of a new site using alternative platforms and updating their Business Profile with the new site’s address before the cutoff date. This transition is vital for a seamless customer experience and the ongoing visibility of your business online.

Exploring Alternatives

Although Google suggests several platforms for building a new website, it’s essential to choose a solution that aligns with your business needs. Our marketing agency specialises in crafting custom websites that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Leveraging our expertise, we can ensure your transition is smooth and your new website is optimised for success.

Ad Campaign Adjustments

For those running Ads campaigns linked to a Google Business Profile website, it’s imperative to update the link before March 1 to avoid disruptions. Alternatively, pausing your campaigns temporarily might be a prudent decision until your new website is up and running.

Handling Third-Party Domains

If you’re using a custom domain redirecting to your Google Business Profile site, you’ll need to adjust the redirect settings through your hosting provider. This step will ensure that your domain leads visitors to your new website without interruption.

Google’s Statement

Google emphasises that websites created with Google Business Profiles are basic, driven by the information in your Business Profile. With the removal of and domains from Business Profiles in March, updating your profile to link to a new website is recommended for continued online presence.

How We Can Help

The upcoming changes to Google Business Profiles underscore the importance of having a robust, standalone website for your business. If you’re facing the challenge of transitioning your website, our agency is here to help. With our expertise in web design and development, we can ensure your business not only adapts to these changes but thrives online.


Google Business Profiles websites will be turned off in March, with automatic redirection to Business Profiles until June 10, after which a “page not found” error will occur. Businesses must create a new website using alternative tools and update their Business Profile with the new site’s address to ensure a smooth transition. Our marketing agency offers custom website solutions tailored to your business needs, ensuring a seamless transition and enhanced online presence.

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