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Do you want to save time and money working? Then check out these 7 amazing free tools and websites that will help you do this.

Useful tools for Social Media:

Background remover

Do you want to remove the background from your photo for free?

Check out Lunapic is a completely free online photo editing website. No signup, login or install needed!

  • Just upload your picture.
  • Choose a background removal tool.
  • Choose the right tool for your image/photo.
  • Download to your computer.

Profile Pic Maker

Now that you have your new picture, why not use it as a profile picture for your social media? But it looks boring? Let’s design your new profile pic with Profile Pic Maker. This is a simple and free way to design an eye-catching profile pic.

  • Go to
  • Upload your image.
  • You can adjust the size if you need.
  • Choose a background and even choose your brand colour.
  • Download your new profile pic and a matching banner.

Symbols and Emojis

Talking about Social Media: Have you ever wanted to find quickly symbol or an emoji to copy and paste for your social media post?

  • Go to
  • Choose one.
  • Copy it.
  • Paste it into one of your social media posts.
  • Easy to do and there are hundreds of emojis to choose from.

Useful tools for Photography and Videos:

Photo animation

Animate your photos with My Heritage Nostalgia.

Have an old photo of a family member you never met?

Bring them back to life with this:

  • Sign up on the site (free).
  • Upload your photo.
  • It automatically animates them.

Stock Videos

Spice up your presentations with video from Pexels

We all use images in our presentations, because videos are the next level to keep your audience engaged.

Useful tools for Security:


Get a random email address with 10 Minute Mail

Sometimes you need an email address to subscribe/purchase but don’t want to use your real email.

  • Use
  • Copy the address.
  • Extend the time if needed.
  • In the end, it’ll be gone.
  • No more spam in your inbox.

Data leaks

Check for data breaches with Have I Been Pwned?

Have any of your login details been leaked?

  • Check it here:
  • Enter your email address
  • Find any data breaches
  • Scroll down to check what the nature of them
  • Change these passwords

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