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Actionable Guidance for Writing High-Converting Copy with these 10 ChatGPT Prompts

Copywriting is both an art and a science. While talent plays a role, following proven frameworks and principles is key to writing high-converting copy consistently.

That’s where ChatGPT comes in handy. By providing the right prompts, ChatGPT can generate step-by-step guides to help any copywriter level up their skills.

Here are 10 super prompts for ChatGPT that provide actionable advice on mastering various aspects of copywriting:

Mastering the Art of Headlines

Prompt: “Craft a comprehensive guide focused on creating compelling headlines tailored for blogs. Delve into psychological triggers, word choice, and length considerations. Highlight industry-tested practices, address common mistakes, and discuss A/B testing strategies. Conclude with tracking techniques to measure headline effectiveness and adapt accordingly.”

Benefit: Improve click-through rates and audience engagement.

Copywriting for Sales Conversions

Prompt: “Detail an actionable roadmap for writing persuasive sales copy aimed at SaaS products. Discuss structure, calls to action, and handling objections. Dive into storytelling techniques, benefit highlighting, and emotional resonance.”

Benefit: Drive sales and enhance customer trust.

SEO-Driven Copywriting

Prompt: “Devise a systematic approach to incorporate SEO best practices in copywriting for ecommerce websites. Address keyword research, content structure, and meta descriptions. Conclude with ways to balance readability with SEO.”

Benefit: Achieve better search engine rankings and organic reach.

Copywriting in the Age of AI

Prompt: “Delve into strategies for integrating AI tools like in the copywriting process. Discuss automation possibilities, quality checks, and personalization at scale.”

Benefit: Efficient, accurate, and data-driven copy creation.

Emotional Copywriting Techniques

Prompt: “Design an in-depth guide on harnessing emotions in copywriting tailored for millennials. Discuss the psychology of emotions, storytelling arcs, and language nuances. Emphasize authentic emotional connections over manipulation.”

Benefit: Create memorable and moving copy.

The right prompts can unlock ChatGPT’s potential for copywriting guidance. Save these prompts and keep optimising them for your niche and goals. With practice, you’ll be able to master copywriting across formats and contexts.


This blog article provides 10 super prompts for ChatGPT to help copywriters master different aspects of their craft. It emphasises how prompts can unlock step-by-step guidance from ChatGPT on copywriting fundamentals like headlines, conversions, SEO, AI integration, and emotional resonance.

The article highlights prompts tailored for specific contexts like blog headlines, SaaS sales copy, e-commerce sites, and millennials. It notes the benefits of each prompt such as improved click-through rates, sales, search rankings, efficiency, and memorable messaging.

The takeaway is that saving and optimising these prompts can help copywriters level up their skills for high-converting copy across formats. In summary, the article presents actionable ChatGPT prompts for mastering copywriting.

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