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Marine Industry

Are you a boat broker?

Are you a boat broker, charter company or chandler? If you are, then like us, you are probably frustrated by the complexity and poor quality of web solutions available for this industry.

The first thing your potential clients do when they are looking for a boat for sale or want to sell a boat is going online.

Now imagine how they feel when they come to a web presence that isn’t meeting their expectations.

Are you a marketplace leader?

You might have realized that anyone in business nowadays needs a presence on the web. But there are two sides to a website – user-facing front end and the back end.

To get the most from your site both need your attention so let us look into the necessities for the best web presence of your business.

Our Brokerage websites specifically designed with you in mind:

A website, especially one in the marine industry designed to educate customers and generate sales, should be the source for all information. It is the face of your company and provides your potential clients with product information so it is very important that this information is up-to-date and carried across to all other advertising platforms.

The modern marine website also interacts with a lot more than just your in-house sales tools though.

With our boat brokerage software, you can easily manage your stock on our modern and efficient platform. Add all your boat info, pictures, videos and even 360 or virtual reality content.

Our platform integrates with over 20 of the other major platforms including Yachtall, BestBoats24 and eBay so with the click of a button you can import all your boats from as many platforms as you want. You can even export to these platforms as well.

Allowing you to fully customize multi-directional publishing, making our platform the only one of its kind.

It’s as simple as selecting the feeds you want to import from, then selecting the account or accounts you want to export to. You can even choose the export priority and excluded specific information from the imports and exports for a fully customizable workflow.

Updating the boats after they have been created or imported is just as simple:

Depending on what category your boat is in, changes the information you see, helping you find the relevant information quickly. Import and export rules can be overridden for specific boats as well. Any edits you make will then populate throughout your entire publishing network. Meaning you only have to make changes in one place from now on.

In order for your website to work, do not cut corners. Sit down and work out what you need and get the right site for you.

Your website is not only an information portal, it can also be the generator of content for many more marketing channels.

Your website should generate social media content:

  • Add a new product, it can appear on Facebook.
  • Write a news item and load it onto your next electronic newsletter.
  • And back the other way; pop a photo up on Twitter, it should appear on the feed on your website.

Everything can be connected, and it all saves you time and money.

On the forward facing side of the website, you will have a fully custom website that is a marketing super machine.

  • You can edit the layout of the listing pages, search forms and more! Visitors can save, share and print your listings with ease.
  • Our websites are fast, secure and mobile responsive.
  • We take a lot of care in making sure your website positions you in the best position possible to help you sell more boats.

How to be found?

The world wide web is a big place. In 1994 there were less than 3,000 websites online. Now there are over 1 billion. That’s a lot, though a sobering statistic is that the average lifespan of a webpage is about 100 days. Don’t become a statistic!

Maintenance and marketing are big issues. Launching a website and then just leaving it is a bit like building a showroom in an out of the way place and hoping someone might come by. Very soon you will be having a closing down sale.

Your website is an important marketing tool, so tell people about it. Integrate your website address into all your marketing and if you keep it up-to-date, you can be confident of directing people to it as a reliable source of information.

Keep your website up-to-date. Fresh content is needed all the time to keep your site active, keep it in the search results, and make your customers want to come back time and time again.

There are a lot of good ways to develop good content, but make sure one of the ways is not just cutting and pasting from the manufacturer’s site. Search engines are onto this and unfortunately for you, they like the original more than the copy.

Size is good. Longer articles rank a lot better which is interesting as quite often the consumer will click through very quickly. So make sure you get a good message across quickly.

Original content is not just text. Video, images, reviews all work to keep the SEO happy. If you make it appealing so people share it or link to it, all the better.

Back in the website settings, you can launch:

  • fully fledged email,
  • social media,
  • SEO,
  • PPC
  • and inbound marketing campaigns with the click of a button.

All tailored specifically for the Marine industry. We take care of all the details. We have the best websites for boat brokers.

Get your listings translated into different languages, get your photos edited or get a new logo designed. All with the click of a button, all within one central platform.

Sign up before the 28th of February 2019 and get six months half price, a free Oculus Virtual Reality headset and a GoPro Fusion 360 camera so you can capture amazing immersive content.

Websites for boat brokers

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