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Boat Dealer Website Design

We drive visitors to your website and the "WOW" factor makes them want to do business with you.

Boat Dealer Website Design
web design for the marine industry

Simple elegance & serious quality with our web design for the marine industry

We are designers, developers, creators and most of the time we are just normal humans. Sorry, we’re not “an unrelatable term some people use to describe themselves”

Your website should be generating more business for you and get you more inquiries for your products and services. The websites we design are built to the highest standards, they are fast loading and fully secure.

Our team has established a diverse range of clients from boat brokers to big multinationals like Bavaria AG. We specialise in helping medium-sized businesses reach their clients and potential customers. Let us help you clearly communicate who you service and what value you bring to your customers.

We want you to focus on your business. Leave it to us to get you more inquiries and leads with our custom web design.


Ensuring that your visitors have the best experience from any device!


Your users expect your website to load fast! A slow website is a bad website.


Allowing users to find quickly what they are looking for! We care about the user experience.


Make your site easily render on various browsers and screen sizes!

Our Brokerage websites specifically designed with you in mind:

A website, especially one in the marine industry designed to educate customers and generate sales, should be the source for all information. It is the face of your company and provides your potential clients with product information so it is very important that this information is up-to-date and carried across to all other advertising platforms.

The modern marine website also interacts with a lot more than just your in-house sales tools though.

With our boat brokerage software, you can easily manage your stock on our modern and efficient platform. Add all your boat info, pictures, videos and even 360 or virtual reality content.

Our platform integrates with over 20 of the other major platforms including TheYachtmarket, BestBoats24 and eBay so with the click of a button you can import all your boats from as many platforms as you want. You can even export to these platforms as well.

Allowing you to fully customise multi-directional publishing, making our platform the only one of its kind.

It’s as simple as selecting the feeds you want to import from, then selecting the account or accounts you want to export to. You can even choose the export priority and excluded specific information from the imports and exports for a fully customisable workflow.

Updating the boats after they have been created or imported is just as simple:

Depending on what category your boat is in, changes the information you see, helping you find the relevant information quickly. Import and export rules can be overridden for specific boats as well. Any edits you make will then populate throughout your entire publishing network. Meaning you only have to make changes in one place from now on.

In order for your website to work, do not cut corners. Sit down and work out what you need and get the right site for you.

Your website is not only an information portal, it can also be the generator of content for many more marketing channels.

Your website should generate social media content:

  • Add a new product, it can appear on Facebook.
  • Write a news item and load it onto your next electronic newsletter.
  • And back the other way; pop a photo up on Twitter, it should appear on the feed on your website.

Everything can be connected, and it all saves you time and money.

On the forward facing side of the website, you will have a fully custom website that is a marketing super machine.

  • You can edit the layout of the listing pages, search forms and more! Visitors can save, share and print your listings with ease.
  • Our websites are fast, secure and mobile responsive.
  • We take a lot of care in making sure your website positions you in the best position possible to help you sell more boats.

We don’t work with you – we collaborate

We collaborate with individuals, brands, and agencies to create memorable experiences.

Think of us as more of a business partner than a resource for custom web design or just simply offering a service. This means we have a shared perspective on how we can work together to achieve your goals. Basically, your new BFF.

Long story short, we are a Brighton & Manchester based Design & Marketing agency that makes amazing, responsive, professional websites for boatbrokers, charter companies and other marine industries which are developed not only in WordPress.

web design for the marine industry
web design for the marine industry

What is included in our web design services

We care about our clients. Each company brand gets there unique custom design and not an out of the box template. We look to work with companies that need help in achieving a great online presence with realistic budgets.

With our knowledge & expertise, we will create you a website your visitors will love, all served up with our amazing support. We ensure that your visitors have the best experience from any device! Your users expect your website to load fast! A slow website is a bad website. Your site will easily render on various browsers and screen sizes.


Let’s Start

Get in contact if you have any further questions about our web design for the marine industry and other related services and products. We are looking forward to hear from you.

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