What are the Social Media Marketing Trends for 2022?

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2022

The events of the past two years have had a dramatic impact on the way brands and businesses have used social media and made them change the way they will use social media to promote their products and services in 2022.

With over 4.48 billion people actively using social media worldwide, neglecting the online presence of your business means not only losing out on these potential customers, but also falling behind competitors successfully managing theirs.

Social media has been at the forefront of everyone’s minds for quite some time now, but you would be surprised how many businesses are still neglecting this powerful tool at their disposal.

Social media is ideal for talking about what makes your business unique, and you really should treat it as an extension of the unique character that is part of your selling point.

What’s more, those already on social media love new stuff coming through, so chances are there’s an audience sitting out there that is waiting for you to fill the void.

No. 1 – Paid Advertising on Social Media

The increased social media consumption that came as a result of the pandemic fuelled the move towards social commerce, and this is one trend that shows no signs of slowing. The pandemic has placed a laser focus on the importance of online shopping, home deliveries, virtual work and more. As people tried to be safe, they discovered that staying in and working from home is not only easier, but also more practical. Recent statistics have clearly pointed out a higher work productivity.

81% of consumers already research potential purchases via different social media channels. Therefore, it makes sense to remove the added step of navigating to an external website, and instead allow customers to purchase directly from apps they already use.

Social media ads and the option to buy on those apps remove friction from the customer journey, while allowing you to curate and target the products that will appeal the most to your audience.

More than two-thirds of the digital ad budget is assigned to Google and Facebook, which means that optimising the content on these two platforms is a priority for consumer brands and businesses. This makes paid advertising the number one of our social media marketing trends for 2022.

No. 2 – Video Marketing

Many brands use video as a marketing tool and for many this is a very important part of their overall marketing strategy. Now it’s time for you to get on board. While video marketing has been around for a while, this year has seen it become a central part of brand content strategies. With the rapid growth of TikTok, which grew 173 per cent this year alone, and Instagram both embracing a shift towards video content, the importance of quality video content will continue to grow into 2022.

Not only do videos perform better and generate higher levels of engagement than text or image-based content, they are easy to adapt across various social media due to their versatility. The coming year will undoubtedly see more brands strike the balance of utilising new video trends and features, while providing value to their target audiences. Check out Visme for more information.

  • Video has proven to be an essential way for brands to connect with their consumers.
  • Social media stories are great ways to show brand personality and create a personal connection with your audience. Remember: People buy from people.
  • Most people watch videos with no sound and therefore, don’t forget to use subtitles.
  • While consumers prefer video content in general, they engage at a much higher rate when the content is live. On Facebook, for example, users watch live videos for 3x longer than pre-recorded videos, and live content generates 6x more interactions.

No. 3 – Organic Marketing Strategies

Organic content shouldn’t be neglected, as it is vital for building brand awareness and customer engagement, as many brands opt for a location-based approach to their online marketing strategies to draw in local clientele and establish awareness for their products and services.

While organic marketing is more like word-of-mouth marketing, paid marketing is more focused on sales. The goals for the two options are very different. One is to attract audiences and increase brand awareness and the other is to convert audiences to buy a specific product or service.

Organic marketing only works when you truly understand your audience and what they want to see.

Find out how to learn more about your audience and to create a buyer persona.

Brands need to be aware of these important social media trends if they want to continue to effectively serve their audiences in 2022.

However, this does not mean you can ignore the basic marketing strategies. Simply hopping on a trend without great content and a defined marketing strategy is unlikely to pay off in the long run. Defining your marketing goals will allow you to utilise trending forms of content most effectively.

Today’s marketing world is in constant evolution, shifting with every fabric, which forces brands to adapt. You must stay on top of these shifts, and preferably ahead of the curve too, in order to connect with your audience. 

This means your marketing strategies, your ad campaigns, and paid social initiatives, all need to be built with these trends in mind, as well as with flexibility. They must be able to adjust to new customers, new purchase behavior and especially to the faster and far more reaching online platforms. 

Marketers have always been adapting to each of their clients, but nowadays, change is happening constantly. Customers’ lifestyles, a more active presence on social media, a demand for higher quality of products and services, a need for faster deliveries and a more pressing concern for privacy and protection of personal information. Our marketing experts can help your business not only adapt to the trends, but also continue to help grow and make an impact in your marketspace.

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