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Digital Marketing Strategy 2019

Content is King

The text structure is important for SEO as Google will rank you higher when the content is structured clearly.

In order to have a clear structure of your website’s text, you need to focus on your headings, the first paragraph and the first sentence of each paragraph.

People scan a text and if the first part of a new paragraph doesn’t seem interesting to the reader they will skip to the next.

Try to include the essence of the content in the opening to attract your reader to keep on reading.

Same goes with headings as they are indicators of the content of each paragraph and the reader uses those heading and subheadings to decide whether this is of any interest to them.

It is also helpful for search engines to understand what the text is about.

To finish with this first advice, tell you that, when creating the structure of the Headings, you must take into account both the design and the SEO.

As mentioned, the headlines are a very important point for SEO:

They help in the structure of information on the web so that Google knows which keywords are relevant to you and your business, and help users to understand better and faster what your website is about and what you will find in it.

The Search Engine Results Page

This is the list of pages returned by Search Engines for a certain keyword or phrase a user asked.

No longer is organic ranking the best way to increase your traffic as there are so many other features that sites like Google have introduced which are distracting the users from the organic list.

These features are called SERP features and include things like featured snippets, knowledge panels, and local packs.

When a user searches, these features are breaking up the results and providing other options that can be clicked on – reducing the likelihood of your high ranking result showing up.

With the increase in these, it is important that you are aware of how to manage this.

To get around this trend, you’ll need to monitor which features show up when your keywords are entered and also track how you rank with these features.

There are some applications that can help you with this so make sure to stay on top of this trend.

What changes can we expect in 2019 in regards to SEO?

1. Google will make improvements to their content analysis and truly understand the content of a website.

Therefore you should focus on providing answers to client’s queries and most importantly write quality content.

2. Brands are more and more important.

Focus on your brand and showcase yourself as a thought leader in your field of expertise.

3. Speed up your site or fall down

Compare your website loading speed to one of your competitors. If yours is slower than this means that they will rank above you.

4. Mobile first

Mobile optimization and Google algorithms will check for mobile first and as I heard only.
Even though you might see in your analytics report that most of your clients come and visit your site from the desktop. Google is not interested. So make sure that your site is optimized.

A little recap of upcoming trends:

You need a website that is fast, technically flawless and has high-quality content.
It needs to be supported by a brand that offers high-quality products and services and ensures that you have a different strategy for different platforms, e.g. Voice Search.

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