4 Tips To Increase Conversions On Your Website In 2020


There are many businesses using the world wide web to promote and sell their products. A brand needs to implement the best tactics to increase conversions on their website effectively. How do you increase conversions on your website in 2020?
It is great that you have decided on an amazing design and start getting traffic but if this traffic doesn’t convert then it seems rather useless.

Do you struggle with lead generation? Do you have a website but don’t get enough traction from it? Most of our clients do when they first come to us. Even though they are truly brilliant at what they do, they just don’t have enough leads coming in. We want to show you the best tactics to improve your conversion rate and generate more sales.

What you should focus on to increase your conversion rate:

Your Products

State the Benefits: Firstly, you should ask yourself how your product will benefit your potential customer. Will it solve their problem and what makes it different from existing products on the market.
Tell your potential clients exactly what they will get when they purchase your products or services. This might include information about the usage, great images, how they will benefit from it and how long it will take before they receive it.

What makes your product or service better than every other product available?

It is important to use high-quality images and not stock images. This will help your brand and otherwise your clients and customers won’t be able to trust you. They have definitely seen the stock image before.
Don’t offer products with too many different options the potential customer can choose from. Make it easy for them to find the right product and service fast. Nobody has time nowadays to search through a vast amount of options available. They might even decide not to buy from you.

Recommend related products as the one shown might not be their first choice. This will help get your website visitors more engaged and longer on your site.

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The structure of your website

It is important to have an easy check out process. Keep it as uncomplicated as possible as you don’t want your clients to jump through hoops to get your products. Make the check out process as structured as possible with easy to understand instructions and an easily accessible cart. Don’t forget to give the option to proceed with their shopping if they haven’t finished their journey yet.

Do you use testimonials on your website? It is recommended to have your client testimonials clearly visible on your product pages and on your check out page. Ensure the customer that your clients are satisfied and that you deliver as promised.

Does your customer know what to do next? If not, then focus on clear CTA’s and direct them to where they want to be. Those buttons are more obvious than using just a link in a text. Make it easier for your client to know what to do. The general design of your website if important when it comes to traffic and conversion rates.

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Customer Support and Satisfaction

It is vital to provide good customer support in case a client has additional questions about your products and services. We advise to use a live chat for such instances. You are able to answer your client’s questions whilst they are on your website. Explain your products successfully and improve your customer service.

If we talk about the customers, they prefer interacting with chatbots as they find them more responsive and accurate. Above all, they never lose patience. This virtual assistance can offer your customers an outstanding customer service, and that 24 hours a day. This also means, considering chatbot for your business can help you focus on other important things and not spending time answering messages.

Be compliant

Do your forms have a privacy statement? If not, then include them as you might face legal actions otherwise. Is your site secure? Do you take payments online? An SSL certificate shows your customers that your website is secure enough to give you their credit card details.
Include your terms and conditions and your contact information.
You could also add a guarantee and include a refund policy on all purchases. This decreases the risk for the customer and it will surely increase your sales.


These steps should help you get more customers converting on your website. There are many more things you need to consider but this is a good start. Driving business to your website is valuable but you want those visitors to convert and become buying customers. Have questions or suggestions, then why not get in touch with us.

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Increase conversions on your website

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