Digital Marketing Strategy 2019

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Are we already in 2019?

The year has gone so fast and we are almost in the new year.

Now it is time to review on your marketing strategies of 2018 and evaluate how you did. How should you create a Digital Marketing Strategy for 2019

With this in mind, you should start planning on your next year’s strategy and see what you need to improve or what you should keep on doing. 

  • Focus on your customer

Your potential clients are changing the way they are using the search engines. E.g. in the past your clients looked for a hairdresser in a certain town or area but nowadays they use different search queries, such as “Where can I find a hairdresser that uses organic products?”.

This is what you should be focussing on and improve your SEO strategy to increase your exposure and visibility on search engines.

You want to be the expert in this niche and the go-to person for your clients.

“Create topics and not keywords”

  • Communicate with your customers

Do you prefer generic or personalized content?

The answer is always: Personalized content!!!!

Nobody wants to be one of many but wants to be treated like an individual. Let’s use this for our marketing strategy and deliver content depending on the clients’ needs and interests.

The goal is to communicate with your customer on a personal level and present information which is relevant to them.

How can you achieve this?

Make the content and the experience of the page the customer visits depending on their past behaviors and preferences.

This can be done by showing similar and related content depending on what your visitor has consumed during their visit to your site.

E.g. if your visitor is interested in travel destinations in a certain country then show them similar destinations in the same area which might be of interest.

This leads to a higher duration of stay on your site and a lower bounce rate.

  • Better User Experience

The most important aspect of a successful digital marketing strategy is great customer experience. When the content is relevant to the user, they are more likely to convert and become recurring customers and have brand loyalty. Artificial intelligence can significantly help with that in its ability to collect data and decide which content is the most applicable based on things like location, historical data, and past behavior. When doing so, it gives the user the impression that the brand was built specifically for them.

Voice search technology is also a great addition of AI in digital marketing that can get faster results. If you do it correctly, you can move your brand to be the first result on a voice search which can really help with brand recognition.

  • Predictive Customer Behavior

Not only can AI personalize a customer experience on past behavior, but it can also predict behavior for new and existing users. This can help personalize to their needs automatically through journeys and profiles enabling you to target your potential leads and eliminating those unlikely to convert enabling you to concentrate on formulating and executing effective marketing strategies.

  • Real-time customer support

One of the biggest things customers look for in a good digital experience is quick resolutions and response. With the introduction of AI chatbots, an automated tool that gives the impression of talking to an actual customer service person in real time, AI can deliver that experience in real time.

Chatbots can use terms to seem more “human-like” and can answer basic questions, track and fulfill orders and help solve simple issues.

Digital Marketing Strategy 2019 1

Facebook messenger has integrated the chatbot feature for company Facebook pages to help improve customer service for businesses. These bots can be available 24/7 and can reduce call wait time for customers. Let’s get started with your Facebook Marketing.

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