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What is the difference to existing providers for the boat industry?

Dealers League Marine offers an easy way to connect buyers and sellers through a web based boat brokerage software.

Gone are the days when your boat listing was separated from your own website. But first of all, let’s look at our product, which we have created and developed especially for the marine industry and see Dealers League Marine compared to existing solutions. After countless conversations with boat dealers, we came to the conclusion that it is now time to begin with some groundbreaking changes for the boat market.

How is Dealers League Marine compared to existing providers for the boat industry?

Now you can login to your own Dealers League Marine website, list your boats and watch them appear automatically on your website and in your accounts on other platforms.
All with just a few clicks and without much time spent!! Because you want to deal with customer enquiries and not with administrative work.
In addition, Dealers League Marine has put the power of communication back in your hands with an integrated CRM.

Are you a boat broker, a charter company or a chandlery?

If so, then you are probably as frustrated as we are by the lack of complexity and poor quality of other boat dealer websites and marketing tools. Are you probably still using an i-frame from one of our competitors or one of the advertising platforms on which you advertise your boats?

We at Dealers League have developed four different products, which are specifically aimed at the marine industry. But what makes us different from the existing suppliers. I will be happy to answer that.

The boat dealer software

For dealers, our specially designed software allows you to easily manage your boat inventory, import and export from more than 15 of the most popular platforms and manage all requests you receive in a dedicated admin area.

This means that you will receive the requests directly in your email inbox and will not have to search for them on the various portals. Furthermore, you also have access to the contact details of your customers and can use them for further marketing purposes.
Boat dealers can also use our e-commerce websites to easily manage their stocks, view sales reports and even publish to eBay. This is not offered by our competitors.

We also offer targeted solutions for charter companies!

For charter companies, our modern and stylish websites offer the ability to list your tours and yachts, securely take payments and manage bookings from one place.
They also have all the functions you need for online bookings.

  • List your tours and boats
  • Collect one-time or recurring secure payments
  • Manage bookings and offer payment plans.
  • Create email, social media, PPC and other marketing campaigns
  • Translation service and photo editing
  • Our modern and stylish websites are ideal for charter companies.

With all our products you can start comprehensive marketing campaigns with just a click of a button. Be it with search engine optimisation, Facebook or Google Ads, or you want a new logo design?

Then you have come to the right place.

We think that you need a partner for your business who understands your ideas and can turn all your wishes into reality.
Our websites are fast, secure and optimised for all devices, and all support virtual reality and 360 degree images.

All our boat dealer website packages come with an SSL certificate, a dedicated server (speed guaranteed), Google optimised structure and layout of the website, etc.
Let us know what your requirements are and book a meeting with us.

But that’s not all.

Do you want to personalise your search mask or the listing of your products to match your brand?
Do you want a website that doesn’t look like other websites?

What features are included in our boat dealer websites that are not otherwise offered by competitors?

Here is a short selection of the possibilities we offer our customers and which you will not find with any of our competitors:

  • With the push of a button you can display which search functions you would like to show your customers and visitors.
  • Select the number of boats displayed per page.
  • Give your website visitors the opportunity to share your ads with friends and business partners. Be it via social media or via WhatsApp.
  • Our websites are created according to your wishes. You have the decision how you want to present yourself on the Internet.
  • Do you work with a particular insurance company or financial partner? Then give your buyers and potential customers the opportunity to contact a professional of their choice. We will not display any providers on your site without your request. You have the choice!
  • Would you like to present your offers to an international audience? Then you have the possibility to realise this with our products. We can even help you with translations and thus you can reach a wider range of customers.


Have your listings translated into different languages, edit your photos or have a new logo designed. All at the touch of a button, all on one central platform.

If you are a boat broker and want to sell your boats online, Dealers League Marine will help you stand out from the competition.
Who wants to be considered a copy of a competitor.
Back to the topic of integrating your offers and boat listings on your website with the help of a iframe.

Back in the days, iframes were a good and inexpensive solution on the Internet. However, in view of ever faster Internet connections and the increasing use of mobile devices, it has become quiet about this integration on websites. Cheap does not always mean good.

Why do you ask?

As a virtual “picture frame”, these frames/frames separate content not only optically from its surroundings, but also technically. Of course, these contents can be customised optically with regard to your brand colours, but can you also freely choose the layout of your boat listings?

Although iframes provide more structure and clarity on a web presence, they are highly controversial.


  •  … As a result, you cannot be flexible, which has a negative impact on both the design and the visibility of your offers on mobile devices.
  •  … they cannot be found by search engines and therefore aren’t indexable. That means, Google does not know that these boats are presented on your site. In contrary you even advertise the provider of this plugin/frame.
  •  … no links or bookmarks (favourites/bookmarks) on iframes
    can be set.
  • … a page navigation, which is independent of the other page content loads, even from the search engines is not considered. As a result, if search engine results send you to a website with iframe navigation, the website will be displayed without navigation.
  • … mobile devices have problems with the correct display of iframes.


This method to present your boats or yachts on your own website belongs to the past.

Wherever smartphones are used for browsing, Internet pages must be able to adapt flexibly to different display sizes and be optimally displayed on them. This is precisely where iframes clearly have a problem. But iframes also pose a problem in terms of search engine friendliness: they leave only white spots on Google, both in terms of their content and their link-ability – a disaster from an SEO perspective.

The boat dealer software

With our boat dealer software you can easily manage your stock on our modern and efficient platform. Add all your boat information, pictures, videos and even 360° images or virtual reality content.

Our platform is integrated with over 20 of the other major portals, including The Yachtmarket, Yachtall and eBay. With one click of a button you can import or export all your boats from as many platforms as you like. All you have to do is select the feeds you want to import from and then select the account or accounts you want to export to.

Websites for boat dealers

Each website is individually designed and you have full control over the content and design.

  • Edit the layout of the list pages, customise the search forms, change the button colours and much more
  • Allow visitors to easily share and/or print your boat ads
  • Our websites are fast, secure and optimised for mobile devices
  • We take great care to ensure that your website presents your company in the best possible light so that you can sell more boats

Now with 360° images

Have you always wanted to show your boats with 360° pictures on your website? Have you seen these interactive pictures on Facebook? … Where you can see an entire room or landscape by dragging the mouse? Now you can do this with our brokerage software and show your visitors the full view of your boats.

Our customer service answers all your questions about our products and services quickly and reliably. Get in contact with us.

Dealeers League marine compared

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